NZ is a hotbed of vegan desire – study

Burgers are one of many traditional meat foods where the vegan options are growing.


Burgers are one of many traditional meat foods where the vegan options are growing.

You wouldn’t call New Zealand a dominant vegan country – yet. 

But there are glimpses it might be coming.

Kiwis are still eating plenty of meat, and producing and exporting far far more, but we are also rushing to find out more about veganism. 

Search term data from Google reveals, per head of population, Kiwis are the third keenest in the world to find out about veganism.

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Recipe website Chef’s Pencil looked at vegan-related Google searches in any language in 2018.

The top 10 countries are:

1) Australia
2) United Kingdom
3) New Zealand
4) Sweden
5) Canada
6) Israel
7) United States
8) Ireland
9) Austria
10) Germany

The high-ranking Kiwi effort comes amid a soaring global interest in veganism.

Searches around veganism in 2018 were 11 per cent higher than 2017 and 35 per cent higher than the searches in 2016.

Vegan eggs benedict is actually a thing.


Vegan eggs benedict is actually a thing.

The Vegan Society of New Zealand has no doubt where the eating trends are going. It ends each item in its online food news section with thr phrase “the future is vegan”.

National co-ordinator Amanda Sorrenson says the high ranking isn’t surprising because her organisation can sense a growing interest in veganism in New Zealand.

She believes it could really take off in a big practical way once meat-replacement trends reach a critical point.

One example is the rise of plant-based meat products.

When they become as cheap or even cheaper than meat, many people might just choose them for price, while others will buy them for environment and personal health reasons.

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