Twitter, Google, Amazon and Fiat Chrysler

Here are the companies the Yahoo Finance team is watching for you today.

It seems Twitter is gaining popularity among younger users: Shares of the the social media giant are getting a boost after Bank of America Merrill Lynch upgraded the stock to Buy from Neutral and raised the price target to $39 a share. This comes after a survey from the firm indicated more people aged 18-29 are turning to Twitter.

Google is a lot closer to a big win over those ‘right to be forgotten’ rules in Europe: An advisor to the EU’s highest court now says search engines should not be forced to apply the rules globally. Google has been fighting a decision from France over the issue. A final decision is expected in the coming months.

Amazon says a lot of people want Alexa in their cars: The company tells our sister site, Tech Crunch, more than a million people have pre-ordered the auto version of the Amazon Echo. It’s the size of a credit card and sits on your dashboard connecting to your car’s audio system through a cable or bluetooth.

Fiat-Chrysler is paying up for a major emissions scandal: The automaker has agreed to a nearly $650 million settlement over its use of software that produced false results on emissions tests. It’s also agreed to recall more than 104K diesel vehicles, including Jeep Grand Cherokees from the 2014-2016 model years.

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