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V7 Fitness Introduction

In an active and endurance sports activity, comfort is paramount. Any physical activity requires one to wear clothes that are flexible and breathable. V7 fitness understands that and is on a mission to help people achieve their fitness goals. They provide high-quality gym wear and also inspire you to work towards your goals despite how difficult they may seem. V7 was created from the quote chase your (V)mission, and seven comes from the seven days of a week. By wearing the V7 clothes simply, means that the wearer wants to chase their vision and accomplish their goals.

Why Choose V7 Fitness?

  • The V7 shop offers wear apparels. The wear is designed to give the most comfortable workout. They are designed for comfort and makes gym experience the best.
  • V7 gym wear is of the highest quality and is inspired to motivate the wearer to work very hard toward attaining their fitness goals. The wear is in different sizes to ensure that everyone gets their perfect fit wear to achieve their goals.
  • All the V7 products are shipped via Royal Mail 1st class. Therefore, the buyer should expect to receive them within one after the order is dispatched.
  • Both the wear and accessories are sold at a fair price. Thus, the buyer is sure to get what they need for their gym workout.


Made For Comfort

All they V7 fabrics are built for comfort. The wearer gets the most enjoyable moments during the gym activity. The V7 muscle fit t-shirt is a comfortable yet perfect fit on the arms and the entire body to enhance the physique.

High Quality

The V7 gym wear is of the highest quality having that it is made of cotton elastane blend, The blend provides the muscle fit tee a complete functionality. The t-shirt allows while to maintain a full focus on aesthetic.

Perfect Fit

The V7 fit wear is made to enhance more confidence and ensure that they look good on everyone. They are made to ensure comfort and confidence. They completely remain functional during the gym activities.



The TeamV7 muscle fit hoodies are perfect for any physique. They are made of a cotton and polyester blend that allows them to remain functional in the gym. The hoodies contain tough stretch cuffs that have been designed to prevent any discomfort during training. Furthermore, the technical mesh hoodie has been added some sweat wicking properties to make them more comfortable.


The V7 Fitness t-shirts are available in white, khaki, black, coral, & blue. They are made comfortable and very perfect to fit on the arm and the entire body. They are made through a blend of cotton elastane blend that gives them a complete functionality.


The V7 fitness offer customers with wrist wraps that are perfect for supporting wrist strength to maximize performance in the gym. Their wrist is unique and elastic with an extended Velcro tab.


Clothing has many functions which makes them essential to choose the right outfit for the right activity. For any physical activity, one requires to have to wear clothes that are breathable and very functional. In support of the reasoning, V7 Fitness wear is made to help people achieve their fitness goals.

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